About Us

SENIOR PASTOR SAM GEORGIS Born in Iraq to devoted Catholic-Chaldean parents, Sam Georgis was seventeen at the beginning of the Gulf War. Escaping Iraqi oppression, his family and he illegally crossed the border to Turkey where they lived in a refugee camp for almost two years.

As a refugee Sam made a deal with God. “Lord if you get me out of this misery I will serve you all my life.” Shortly thereafter through a series of miraculous events Sam found himself in Melbourne Australia. Though he had freedom and was blessed financially, he had forgotten the promise he’d made to God.

Seven years later, back in Turkey to see his family, Sam had a dream in which Jesus appeared to him. Returning to Australia a Christian friend arranged for Sam to hear the gospel which resulted in Sam’s salvation.

In 2008 Sam started his studies for Certificate IV in ministry at Hillsong Church and in 2009 he continued his Certificate IV and Diploma studies with Vision International College. In the midst of his studies Sam became a devoted Evangelist at his local Church. His desire is to see the body of Christ passionately committed to raising, training and empowering ordinary people to become all that God intended them to be. Sam is known for his burning passion for the true Gospel, Christian values, a vision for Australia and a message for the world.

Sam has conducted many courses in effective evangelism both at his local church and many other churches which also included street evangelism, as a result many salvation decisions have been made.

He and his wife Liza are founders and pastors of Kingdom Living Church, they reside in Sydney with their three daughters Julia, Claudia and Charlize.