SAIA leads the Evangelism team at Kingdom Living Church; has a heart for the lost to share the good news.

His passion is to get every Christian involved in sharing the Gospel in every environment: Street, Work, Family, and Friends…and also to make disciples of them as the lord Jesus asked: go on to the whole world and preach, Teach and make disciples (Mat 28:18-22)

LIZA is known to be a leader running TRANSFORMED, wholly committed in serving the Lord, her heart is for the youth to live a holy life and understand purity in its fullness. Vanessa has a strong passion for discipleship, the way Christ lead it.

GISELE assigned to be the leader for the young ladies is a very passionate, driven young lady who is determined to see the hand of God upon the girl’s lives. Having a heart for this next generation, Gisele is determined to see this next generation as woman after Gods own heart. She strongly believes in the culture of sisterhood, were there is trust, comfort and accountability.