Our Dreams

We are a church that loves the Lord with ALL of our Heart, ALL of our Soul, and our entire Mind and love people.

We desire to be a church that helps people encounter Jesus and walk with Him for a lifetime. He is the Source of life – with unending springs of water that never run dry.

We encourage all to study the Word and search it daily that upon reading it they would be doers of the Word thus it provides practical instruction and a confidence of God’s promises both now and the life to come.

We yearn to a church that loves the tangible presence of God, our kids and youth are exposed to the presence of God from an early age of their lives.

We long for a church that is a rainbow of diversity. People of all colors, ethnicities, and languages gathered in one place lifting up God in praise.

We seek to join others in community as part of God’s saving plan in the world. We want to equip and send disciples to all people of the world.