Lord, If you get me out of this misery, I will serve you all my life!

"What was once a beautiful garden view from my doorway was now strewn with decaying bodies. The oberwhelming sence of helplessness exploded inside me as I listened to the screams of injured young me. It almost seemed like dying was a much easier options than fighting and running to stay alive." 


As a young refugee Sam Georgis made a deal with God. Little did he know, in the midst of missiles, bombshells, bullets and the overarching sound of helicopters and tanks, that his prayer was heard... and would one day lead him to heaven itself!


"I was totally mesmerized at the wonderment of the vision standing in front of me, and as He spoke to me, it was as if I was forzen in time. His Voice was strong and clear, filled with love and campassion as He communicated His message to me and qnuired, "Do you really want to see heaven?"


Follow Sam Georgis as he takes you on a journey of ten trips to heaven and three minutes to hell, Visitations that not only amazed him, but promised to amaze and inspire you!

  • The Holy city
  • The Rapture
  • Lessons of Wisdom in Heaven
  • A Speical word of revival for Australia
  • The Power of Almight God
  • The Beauty of Jesus

Also includes Q&A, a teaching on evangelism & more


Heavenly Visitations


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